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Every service that I provide is done behind the scenes and is 100% confidential.


Strategic Planning

 personally tailored to you, your business and your clientele.

Brand Reviews

Communication Assessment

Personalized Advertising

Campaign Planning

Content Creation


of all existing social media 

Social Media Management

Developing a Strategy

tailored to your audience

Monitoring Online

conversations & enquiries

Distributing enquiries to the relevant source for

further action

Enhancing Online Presence

Keeping up-to-date

with relevant trends

Create Content to actively provide information on all services, products & events

Content Creation

Personalized Creative Content

 for marketing & advertising products, services

and events such as 




News Letters

Blog Posts

Start Up Support

Support & Guidance

Market Research 


Marketing Materials

Social Media &

Communication set up

Personalized Advertising & Promotion Tools

Event Management

1-1 Appointments


Launch Events

Personalized Advertising


Social Media Campaign

Manage Timetable,

Bookings & Cost

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