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Ki Meditation

Quieten your mind so your soul can speak.

1-1 Guided Ki Meditation sessions are a brilliant technique to help communicate with and balance your body, mind & soul.
Being guided on how to leave your mind wander can be more beneficial for people, as by doing it by themselves they might still be caught up in what's going on in their lives. One of the many benefits, besides total relaxation, is that all you have to do is lie down, let the energy take over and be guided to let your mind wander.

There are many different forms of meditation but a Ki Meditation differs from others as the focus is on the energy, and during the meditation, the focus of the energy is entirely on You.

These meditations are not a complicated case of having to totally clearing your mind, it is the total opposite, it is a form of conscious awareness, of any thoughts, feelings, energies, pains or urges that enter your mind, body and spirit, being aware of them, releasing them and using what you learn for your own benefits.

Throughout the session we will explore and guide you to connect with your Higher Self, accessing various different energy systems guiding you to truly get to know Yourself - (body, mind and spirit) and all that you don't realize that you are capable of, through a variety of different techniques including breath-work, color, crystals, journeying and visualization.

The energy works on all your bodies - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual, working on each person individually with each session being completely tailored and personal to the client.

Some of the many benefits include
Relieves Stress and Tension
Reduces Anxiety
Relieves Depression
Improves Sleep
Heightens Self Awareness
Balances Energy Centers
Encourages Mental Clarity
Strengthens Intuition
Aids in Life Purpose Discovery
Heals Past Trauma
Adapts to the individuals needs

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